March 12, 2024

What does it mean to be a product experience studio?

With blurple v2.0 we pushed ourselves one step further out of our orbit and got a new title: “blurple is the product experience studio”

What is product experience and what does a product experience studio offer?

Product experience (PX) refers to the sum of all interactions and emotional experiences a customer or user has when using a product or service.

Product experience teams aim to develop every channel that comes into contact with the customer-user of a product in terms of its sub-breakdowns, we want to open the product experience with its sub-breakdowns, these also show the services we offer;

User Experience (UX): User experience examines how users of a product or service experience the product and how user-friendly the usage process is. UX includes design, usability, and user interface principles to facilitate users' interactions with the product, simplify use, and provide a positive experience.

Customer Experience (CX): Customer experience refers to the overall experience a customer has with a brand or company. This includes different touchpoints such as product purchase, communication, customer service, and evaluates the customer's interactions with the brand.

Brand Experience: Brand experience includes a customer's perception of a brand and the overall experience he or she has with all communications, products and services of the brand. The brand experience should be designed in a way that reflects the brand's values, personality and visual identity.

Service Experience: Service experience deals with the experience customers have when using a service. This is important in various industries such as restaurants, hotels, banks, transportation services.

Usability: Ease of use evaluates how easily a product or service can be used and how quickly and efficiently users can use the product.

Design Aesthetics (Aesthetic Design): The aesthetic value of the product or service affects how visually appealing users find the product. Design aesthetics include visual elements that reflect the brand's personality.

Emotional Experience: The emotional reactions that users experience when using the product or service are also an important part of the product experience. A good product experience encourages users to have positive emotional experiences.

As a team of product managers, experience designers, analysts and researchers, we develop all aspects of the experience of a digital product or a product that interacts with digital from scratch, or aim to improve the experience of an existing product for our customers and their customers, that is, end users. With the experience services we offer to the startups or market leading brands we work with to develop product experiences and product strategies, we have led to developments that improve many interconnected dynamics in the lives of brands, resulting in faster growing, more well-known and faster data flow, and a better understanding of the user with the product. and we have created products that interact with each other, creating a huge success factor in the medium term.

The results of product experience studies can provide many benefits. Here are some important contributions of these studies to businesses and users:

User Satisfaction Increases: A good product experience leads users to use the product or service with satisfaction. This increases customer satisfaction and encourages customer loyalty. Satisfied customers may purchase more products and recommend the brand to others.

Leads to Better Product and Service Development: Product experience studies provide data to better understand users' needs, preferences, and challenges. This data provides valuable feedback to improve products and services. This allows businesses to offer better products and services.

Increases Customer Loyalty: A good product experience increases the likelihood that customers will remain loyal to the brand. Customers are more loyal to brands with which they have had positive experiences and are less likely to switch in a competitive market.

Provides Competitive Advantage: A good product experience can give businesses a competitive advantage. Customers prefer brands that provide better experiences, which helps businesses stand out in the market.

Reduces Costs: A good product experience can reduce customer service requests. Making it easier and more seamless for users to use the product can reduce the number of situations in which the support team must provide needed assistance.

Promotes Positive Word of Mouth: Customers tend to recommend the brand by word of mouth when they have a positive product experience. This can be an effective marketing strategy to attract new customers.

Strengthens Brand Image: A good product experience helps the brand be perceived positively. The brand is associated with the positive experiences users have, which strengthens the brand image.

Encourages Data-Driven Decision Making: Product experience studies encourage data collection and analysis. Businesses can make data-driven decisions using users' behavior and feedback.
As a result, product experience studies can provide businesses with better customer relationships, better products and services, competitive advantage and long-term success. These studies help businesses understand users' needs and expectations and use this information to improve their products and services.

If you want to create a digital product, we can offer you the right services with the right team from the beginning to the end of the process, or we can analyze your existing digital product and guide you on where to start improving it.

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