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What is UX Writing?

User Experience Writing (UX Writing) is the process of creating content for all touchpoints where a user interacts with a digital product or service. These contents not only embody the brand's voice but also aim to be user-centered and provide real value. An ideal UX content is focused on the user experience rather than being exciting or entertaining.

It is often designed not for reading experience but to guide and inform the user. It could be as simple as a single word representing a label or a sentence explaining a function. These contents are concise, straightforward, and minimally intrusive, serving the purpose of informing.

Our approach to UX Writing

One of the key elements that complements the experience of a digital product is the way it interacts with its users through written communication.

We understand the importance of producing content that aligns with the experience we create with our product, and in our UX Writing efforts for a digital product, instead of transitioning to the UX Writing stage after completing all screens, we collaborate with the UX team to produce content while the product design phase continues. This allows us to create outputs that are aligned with other experience points of the product and are mutually verified by the teams.

Our PX [Product experience] Approach

As a product experience studio, when working on a product experience project from scratch, a user experience and interface design project, or a digital product with a lifecycle belonging to our client, we aim not only to be involved and provide guidance in the design process but also to have a say in and influence all points where the product interacts with the user. We believe that experience is holistic; therefore, after completing the interface design and testing of the product following all research and analysis processes, we plan our processes by learning about the software process and lifecycle, infrastructure, etc., of the product after delivery.

While user experience and interface design are crucial parts that guide the entire experience of a digital product, they do not comprise the entirety of the experience. Recognizing this, we define ourselves as a PX (product experience) studio because we evaluate and guide all factors that make up the entire experience, such as testing, software, and user behaviors.

UX Writing Questions

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When should I get the UX Writing service?

You can avail UX Writing services in two stages.Firstly, you can add UX Writing service to the package of your product, for which you want to improve the experience and create the product design with us.

In the second option, if you want to update the way your existing product communicates with its users, you can still reach out to us.

What should you not expect from UX Writing?

Technical Writer: A person who writes for clarity and accuracy, not for user experience.

Content Strategist: Someone who plans content on a large scale and is not necessarily responsible for writing it.

Information Architect: Focuses on sustainable information structures and classifications, and creates them.

Marketer: A person focused on strategies and campaigns to attract people's interest to a product or service.

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