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What we offer?

As a product team with roots in both startup teams and in product management, product design, and marketing teams at global companies, we have been involved for years, either full-time or as consultants. At the end of the day, we believed that everything for the user begins with experience and ends with experience. Therefore, we founded Blurple as a product experience studio.

We understand that the correct product experience is formed as a whole. These fundamentally include planning the product strategy, establishing effective communication between teams, taking new actions by understanding the user and the market well, ensuring the right user experience design, and keeping the continuous testing and analysis radar open within the product. To provide all of these, our service of product coaching guides product teams and management teams, offering product coaching to ensure all these aspects are fulfilled.

A service that continuously analyzes the product and the market from an external perspective, keeps inter-team communication lively, fosters collaborative learning, and guides action-taking is called "product coaching."

A service that continuously analyzes the product and the market from an external perspective, keeps inter-team communication lively, fosters collaborative learning, and guides action-taking is called "product coaching."

When providing product coaching, we start by analyzing both the internal product team (if it exists) and the market and competitors that the product penetrates. We also document the actions taken up to this point. Then, we evaluate these actions together with the product's internal team and create a shared roadmap to move forward. In product coaching, we contribute with a broad perspective as an external observer and also demonstrate a close collaborative approach as a member of the team.

Why teams & companies need product coaching?

Blurple Team has been involved in various roles in products of different sizes (sometimes startups and sometimes with over 50M active users) for years. Witnessing the significant impacts and acceleration of products when joining a team with a collaborative working style that focuses solely on "product development, analysis, and advancement" from an external perspective.

Product coaching is a significant part of our product experience services and is one of the most requested services at Blurple after our user experience and interface design service. The initial stage of the product coaching service begins with requesting coaching. Product coaching service is not a service where an expert comes and tells the entire team what to do and steps back, as it would be contrary to product development disciplines.

While engaging in product coaching, we do not position ourselves as the team's manager (even if our client requests it, we do not accept), instead, when we start product coaching, we position ourselves as a product manager team member within the team, focusing on research and analysis-based product management. The product coaching service preserves the company culture within the team it serves but acts as an external eye by avoiding stress factors and constraints that may have arisen internally, enabling the initiation of desired actions without being influenced.

Product coaches nurture product management teams by providing research-based outputs and results, trigger obtaining real information about the live product by planning tests and analysis in the product, plan the product roadmap together with the product teams by making joint decisions, and continue to update the roadmap throughout the process by continuing the same tests and researches. They collaborate with other teams involved in the product's role and take on a triggering role for the actions that need to be taken.

Product coaches also continue to shed light on the team's development by constantly bringing innovations in the industry and continuing to learn together.

Our PX [Product experience] Approach

As a product experience studio, when working on a product experience project from scratch, a user experience and interface design project, or a digital product with a lifecycle belonging to our client, we aim not only to be involved and provide guidance in the design process but also to have a say in and influence all points where the product interacts with the user. We believe that experience is holistic; therefore, after completing the interface design and testing of the product following all research and analysis processes, we plan our processes by learning about the software process and lifecycle, infrastructure, etc., of the product after delivery.

While user experience and interface design are crucial parts that guide the entire experience of a digital product, they do not comprise the entirety of the experience. Recognizing this, we define ourselves as a PX (product experience) studio because we evaluate and guide all factors that make up the entire experience, such as testing, software, and user behaviors.

Product Coaching Questions

''We have answered the most frequently asked questions about product coaching, contact us for more information''

When should I get the product coaching service?

If you're planning to start any digital product project, whether it's at the ideation stage, when starting the project, or at any point during its progression, you can avail our product coaching service.

If you're looking for a coach who is well-versed in the market, constantly researching to stay updated with current information for your company and team, and who will collaborate with your team to make decisions regarding the product direction, then you don't need any specific time to avail this service. The right time is when you decide to enhance your product and clarify the next steps.

When I want to get product coaching, how does the process proceed?

Our product coaching service process begins with your decision and our initial meeting:

1-) Initial meeting and introduction to our product coaching process

2-) Proposal and contract processes

3-) Meeting with the product team and understanding the RACI matrix.

4-) Product Checkup (PX-RAY)

5-) Product market/competitor analysis

6-) Product SWOT Analysis and understanding the current issues of the product

7-) Future strategy setting meetings (with different teams)

8-) Project planning and determination of actions

9-) Launch and collaboration in the implementation and management of actions

10-) Continuous analysis again.

* You will progress through all these processes with our product coach.

In which types of products and industries can I receive product coaching services?

We offer product coaching for all digital products in industries involving human interaction.
What matters to us is that a digital product (it could be a website, mobile application, billboard, sales panel, in-car screens, etc.) involves human interaction. You can apply for product coaching for these types of products.

What is your working style in product coaching?

Product coaching service is a contractual service that we engage in at specific intervals. For product coaching, we work with minimum 3-month and maximum 12-month contracts. Within one month, we determine together, based on the needs of your product, the dedicated hours that the product coach will spend for your product and product team.

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