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User & Market Researches

What we offer?

When we start the user experience and interface design process, the first and perhaps the most valuable service we include in the process is user and market research.

Understanding in detail which users and which markets the product we will create appeals to is a significant factor that we consider during product development and will significantly influence both the creative design and user experience design aspects of the product.

Our user and market research service provides guiding outputs not only to UX-UI or product teams but to all teams when a digital project is still at the beginning stages of product development or service development.

"Our first and perhaps most valuable service that we offer to our clients in every product experience design project, product coaching project, or even before starting any project is simply 'analysis and research', which we provide while establishing the market-product balance."

"Our first and perhaps most valuable service that we offer to our clients in every product experience design project, product coaching project, or even before starting any project is simply 'analysis and research', which we provide while establishing the market-product balance."

The User and Market Research Service offers the following services, provides recommendations on which of these services may be necessary, and collaborates with our clients to make joint decisions regarding their implementation.

  • Focus Group Studies
  • Accessibility Analyses
  • Persona Development
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Stakeholder Survey Studies

Focus Group Stuides

Focus group studies involve conducting various tests (such as design surveys, first-click tests, prototype tests, etc.) with different user groups and segments that we identify within the scope of the study, focusing on your existing digital product or a product under design. Through these tests, we gather comprehensive feedback on the current product or the product in the design phase. We typically utilize focus group studies in many product design projects or product coaching consultancy processes.

Our ability to conduct focus group studies, supported by our partners, enables us to conduct online tests in more than 35 countries and over 20 industries, targeting various user segments. These qualitative studies shed light on the services we provide and serve as essential reference documents for different departments within the company, providing guidance in various areas.

Accessibility Analyses

Accessibility analyses involve evaluating whether a website, mobile application, digital service, or other digital products are easily accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities.

As a UX-PX studio, this study assists our clients in making their products more accessible to everyone. Conducting accessibility analyses not only aims to provide a better experience for users with disabilities but also helps expand your overall user base and reach your target audience more effectively.

Additionally, implementing accessibility improvements enhances your brand reputation and facilitates compliance with legal requirements. Accessibility-focused work is one of the fundamental principles we offer in all digital products developed from scratch at blurple studio.

Persona Development

Persona Development is one of the mini-services that we always integrate into the UX research process for a digital product we're developing. It is also one of our fundamental research services for clients who utilize our analysis and research services. This service aims to provide a deeper understanding of user demographics, behavioral tendencies, and usage patterns of digital products, thereby enabling our clients to enhance their products' user experiences based on these insights.

In Persona Development, our typical approach involves building personas based on the outputs we receive after conducting focus group studies. This allows us to create more consistent and detailed personas based on real users and their responses, rather than creating fictional personas. Subsequently, we refine these personas in more detail and conduct further online focus group studies to confirm the alignment between the product and the users.

Mystery Shopping Work

Mystery Shopping is a significant service that we particularly include in the analysis processes, especially within our existing product analysis service (PX-RAY). As a PX (product experience) studio, we closely engage with every point of interaction between a digital product and its users. For clients seeking to improve the experience of an existing digital product or simply wanting to assess its current status, we act as mystery shoppers to test all channels of interaction with users using different scenarios and created events.

Mystery Shopping is a practice we regularly recommend to all our clients, enabling them to analyze a digital product and its team from an external perspective and identify opportunities for improvement at various points of the product or service.

Stakeholder Survey Studies

Stakeholder Survey is the first study we conduct within the scope of UX Research when we begin developing digital products from scratch. In this study, we first determine which stakeholders should be involved in the project or organization. Then, we send surveys containing questions about various aspects of the product to the identified stakeholders. These questions typically inquire about stakeholders' thoughts, expectations, satisfaction levels, and areas where they can contribute to the project or organization.The primary purpose of asking these questions is twofold. Firstly, it allows us, as an external party guiding the team, to understand the opinions and expectations of all individuals influencing the product.

Secondly, it enables stakeholders to learn about aspects of the product they might not be aware of. Typically, after this study, we observe improved mutual understanding among teams and collective knowledge about various aspects of the product. Additionally, we gain insights into the product from the perspective of its owners, which helps us understand their expectations and the current state of the product from the internal team's viewpoint. This, in turn, serves as a reference for subsequent studies and helps us understand the expectations and perceptions of the internal team regarding the product for future reference.

Frequently asked qustions

Let's answer your most pressing questions and frequently asked ones. For more information, feel free to reach out to us.

Can I only get the user and market research service?

Certainly! Some of the services we offer are often bundled together; for example, when you opt for the Product Design service, we include the User and Market Research service. However, independently of these, you can solely receive our research service.

Which stage does blurple work with clients?

You can start working with us at the very beginning of the process when you want to have a digital product (app, web, interactive products).
If you have a digital product and you want to learn how successful your product is both in the market and by the users, and you want to improve your product, you can work with us as soon as you decide.

How can you get an offer from blurple?

We are happy that you want to work with us, we need to understand your request, what you want to do and your goals in order to make a healthy offer for you.
"You can contact us ''here" to meet us.

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