March 12, 2024

This is blurple universe, this is studio version 2.0

About two years ago, on the first day we established blurple, we were able to meet people with great dreams and excitement, most importantly, to meet people who share the same passions as us about digital products and digital experiences, to guide brands and products, and moreover, to enjoy the daily, perhaps very special experiences of thousands, even millions of users. We aimed to improve.

We have worked hard, produced a lot and learned a lot since the day we set off, we spent long nights explaining the concepts of CX and UX, which are still as new to our world as digital products, at every opportunity, and to enable our valued customers to look at their own products through the eyes of their users.

Acting like pebbles that shave and shine each other as they crash into each other and appear clearer, we have clarified our focus points by better understanding and empowering each other, the work we do, and the value we create.

Today we are announcing a clearer, more efficient and more innovative blurple; Hello to blurple studio v2.0!

what happened with studio v2.0

  • blurple: received the title of strategic digital experience studio.
  • Our roof culture; blurple universe (our values and the name of our logo)
  • Our new website
  • blurple playbook v2.0
  • handbook v1.0
  • casebook v1.0
  • Our new strategy and design methodology
  • Our services that are clarified and completely tailored to experience and product

what is a strategic digital experience studio?

Actions that are taken with a strategy, that is, based on a target determined by in-depth analysis, we use the strategic approach to develop a digital experience, in short; The right customer and user experiences, produced for the analysis and clear goals revealed as a result of this analysis, make blurple a strategic digital experience studio.

“principles and creativity: blurple universe”

We attributed the names that make up our characters to blue and purple that make up our name, blue was the principles for us, purple was our creativity, then we called this symbol that we created from these values, that is our logo, the blurple universe, we created a universe of our own values and turned it into our logo. We took a step that we thought was "very clear and meaningful" as we always wanted.

To create a user-experience-focused website for a studio that will reflect our drive to explore, our rush to understand and our endless curiosity, that will host unique projects we create together with our clients, and that can present the universe of experience inside for those who know us in the best way possible, that will provide user experience services. We placed it first in the scope.

We have carefully customized our theme, which has an interface design that will create a sense of simplicity, universality and fluency, to reflect ourselves as Webflow-based. The new experience is live with English and Turkish language options, we are waiting for your feedback.

blurple playbook v2.0

Playbook is an information booklet we created to explain who we are, what we offer, how we work, we recommend you to take a look at blurple better, we released the first v1.0 in January 2023, now it is an updated version, v2.0 we publish. ''Look at blurple playbook, click here''

blurple handbook v1.0

We describe the handbook as follows; "*you may just be discovering us, starting to work with us and wanting to be a part of the blurple team, we have prepared this handbook to explain our way of doing business, what we do and our values"*

This handbook, which we have published as handbook v1.0, conveys the way we do business in blurple, how you can work with blurple and the information we keep at our bedside, such as being a part of the blurple team, this handbook has a life cycle that will get updates faster than other books. We can announce new versions with new updates almost every month. ''Look at blurple handbook, click here''

Our new "strategy and design methodology''

Our two most important main services that we offer to our customers are; experience & product consulting and product experience design. Although these two services are of course united under the umbrella of "experience" and follow each other in the product life cycle, their development styles are different from each other, so we have two different approaches and methodologies for these two main services.

The strategic methodology is our core strategy methodology that sheds light on us when embarking on a product-brand consultancy or market and user research process.

The main feature of this methodology

It is the continuous self-control of the people involved in the process and providing the impetus for transformation when necessary.

Our design methodology is our basic design methodology that guides us in a product design process, the biggest feature of this methodology is that it triggers the "test & confirm" impulse, we start testing the product while the product is still in the Wireframe stage, so we can update the product at an early stage and reduce the time cost. we will be.

After sending the product printout, we care that the product we have created is presented to the user with the correct printout, we continue to follow up and give feedback.

Our services that are clarified and completely tailored to experience and product

We only did what we knew, otherwise we wouldn't have the courage to guide and have a say in projects that affect millions, now we've turned our best points into clarified services;

If you want to get more information about our services, you can visit our services page on the blurple website ''click here'' to visit.

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