March 12, 2024

Our AI Approach, Human - AI Interaction

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, touching every aspect of our lives and transforming various industries, it significantly influences those of us involved in human-centered design, specifically user experience designers. As a user experience (UX) studio, we constantly keep track of AI developments and strive to analyze the interactions between humans and AI.

Our perspective on AI has evolved since 2018 when we began reading, producing content, and analyzing AI concepts. Starting in 2021, with the emergence of "Conversational AI," we actively incorporate AI into our studio in the following areas:

- UX Research
- Persona studies
- UI contrast tests
- UI positioning based on screen dimensions

Passionate about crafting experiences, we believe that all journeys begin and end with experience. Currently, we are excited about the prospect of establishing interactions from AI to humans. This means that users can engage with AI-generated experiences in real-time, allowing AI to record these interactions and use them to enhance future experiences rapidly. We refer to this as "Artificial Intelligent Experience."

The shift towards AI-driven interactions implies a new era in UX, where constant analysis of user experiences, rapid updates, and testing for improvements become the norm. Imagine a UX partner that analyzes user experiences in real-time, updates them quickly for the next user, and continually strives for improvement. This is what we envision with "Artificial Intelligent Experience."

Will AI replace the jobs of UX studios, designers, researchers, or product managers—the professionals creating visions and experiences in technology?

We believe that the developments we witness in the coming days will bring positive changes, providing opportunities for professionals to excel rather than taking away their jobs. AI, at least as we currently understand it, needs guidance and input from accumulated knowledge to create experiences. Unlike humans, AI struggles to comprehend constantly evolving human preferences, cultures, sociological foundations, and emotions.

For example, AI can generate UI outputs for a digital product but requires detailed information about users, context, market, and more. While we can provide this information, we doubt AI's ability to perfectly connect all the contextual elements within our innovative design approaches, user conveniences, or the future direction of a product.

Therefore, we position AI as a perfect partner in our studio, as it helps us perform certain tasks faster when working together. However, it is not yet at a level where it can independently communicate with our clients or manage relationships.

Apart from our studio's perspective, we are excited to announce a comprehensive AI product specifically designed for the UX industry. We are currently working on a global scale, having provided UX and interface designs for two major clients' AI products.

generated by blurple with AI

In our perspective, AI has a profound impact on UX, shaping the way users engage with digital products and services. We acknowledge the evolving landscape where AI technologies contribute to personalized and real-time user experiences. Our approach involves staying abreast of AI developments and integrating them seamlessly into the UX design process.

When it comes to human-AI interaction, we understand the importance of designing interfaces and experiences that facilitate smooth and meaningful engagements. The goal is to create an environment where users can interact with AI intuitively and derive value from the capabilities it offers. We emphasize the user-centric aspect, ensuring that AI serves as a helpful tool that enhances the overall user experience.

Our approach also involves considering ethical considerations and user privacy in the context of AI interactions. Striking a balance between innovation and user protection is integral to our philosophy. We believe that a transparent and responsible approach to AI design is crucial for building trust and ensuring a positive user experience.

In summary, our approach revolves around embracing the positive impact of AI on UX while prioritizing user-centric design in human-AI interactions. We aim to create seamless, ethical, and innovative experiences that leverage the capabilities of AI to enhance the overall user journey.

If you are interested in collaborating with a passionate team for your AI product or project's user experience, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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