March 12, 2024

Shaping digital excellence: highlights from our journey in 2023

In 2023, we provided product analysis, product design, and product coaching services in the field of product experience/user experience, touching millions of users. We delivered boutique and quality-focused services to startups and enterprise clients in three continents and five countries, sticking to what we know best.

As we close 2023 and usher in 2024 with the same enthusiasm as our first day, fueled by the ever-evolving technology, let's briefly summarize what we accomplished in 2023.

We decisively chose to focus more on what we know best and provide services in which we are experts. We rebranded our concept from a "digital transformation studio" to a "product experience studio," indicating our commitment to offering services that involve developing or enhancing the experience of digital products from scratch.

We streamlined our services and focused on what we excel at:

  • User & Market Researches
  • Product Coaching
  • Product Design (UX - UI)
  • Content Creation
  • Product Analysis (PX-RAY)
To better communicate our identity and continually remember our culture, we published two new booklets for our new team members, prospective clients, or anyone curious about us:
  • Blurple Playbook v2.2 is now available ➔ Click Here
  • Blurple Handbook v1.3 is now available ➔ Click Here

We collaborated with global leading brands and emerging startups in the European market, with our doors open to anyone looking to deliver quality product experiences, invest in user experience, and seize the future. This year, we completed:

  • 20 product design and experience projects.
  • 25 product analysis (PX-RAY) projects.
  • 5 product coaching projects.

Due to being a boutique studio, we prefer quality over quantity when it comes to projects, choosing to participate in projects where we can add value.

Now, to explore us further and gain a better understanding of our user experience and product experience approach, you can visit our handbook, playbook, or our website.

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