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Wherezitz - Reverse image search platform at New York

Project scope

Wherezitz is a platform that brings reverse image search and local businesses together for home improvements. It provides local search engine, customer service as well as B2C and B2B marketplace together. Wherezitz contains customer service between end users, small businesses and vendors. Wherezitz currently operates in New York.

When Wherezitz applied to us, he explained his service model and what he wanted to do, shared that they wanted to serve primarily in New York and that they already have a team with expertise in furniture in this field. For this product, we needed to determine the people, customers, user trends, and the most important KPIs in the New York area. Of course, as always, we started the project with the research process.

A large web product and then a closed marketplace for B2C and B2B users, where you can find reverse furniture products by online image search.

For Wherezitz, we designed a homepage experience that both describes and uses the product at the first contact on the landing page, where the user can use the product instantly. One of our most important metrics was "the user's ability to find what they are looking for as soon as possible". As a result, a user who has visited the website for the first time will be able to understand the product, how it works and its purpose, and will be able to start using the product directly without having to go to any other page.

As a result of both online and physical research we conducted in the New York region and in the regions targeted for the spread of the product in the near future, we determined the user personas, interviewed the personas we created, and confirmed the product with both verbal feedback and metrics by conducting feedback and blind tests throughout the product development process.

As a result of these, we have designed a website that can be interacted with quickly, a user panel experience and interface that can be quickly registered and where the user can view everything at a glance in the member panel and delve deeper if desired.

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After the online and physical research we conducted in the New York region, we designed a pure user experience that can tell the user about the product at first glance and that the user can interact with the product without having to switch to another page.


A dashboard that brings dealers, individual users and manufacturers together

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After thoroughly understanding the furniture demand in the region and the industry, we designed a hybrid panel that will bring dealers, distributors and manufacturers, as well as the end user (individual user) together in the right interaction.

For Wherezitz, we designed a brand identity, brand feel, user research, website and rule-based user panels that can bring together different user groups with a hybrid flow.

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