TOGG, Trumore that's a mobility platform, that unifies the ecosystem.

Project scope

TOGG, Turkey's Automobile Initiative, Turkey's first 100% domestic electric car brand. TOGG, the first model of which was released as an SUV, is a smart product with smart technologies.
As Blurple studio, it is our specialty to develop experience, especially when it comes to experiences combining physical and digital products, and when it comes to industry mobility, our expertise in this vertical becomes clearer with the knowhow we have gained from the products we have developed in this vertical so far.

We conducted extensive user experience testing for the Trumore Application.

Trumore, one of the most valuable mobile applications of the TOGG ecosystem, has smart products such as Go.More, Earn.More and Play.More. In addition, when a new TOGG owner is desired, a vehicle order is created via Trumore, in short, Trumore is a bedside application for TOGG owners. We have conducted extensive user experience tests in Continental Europe, in addition to the user experience and interface tests with custom personas, we have produced an output that includes product performance tests and professional evaluations of our experience team.

From the car to the mobile application, we created reports and made extensive analysis for a completely user-experience-oriented approach.

We do not share the test results or the impact and recommendation report we created because of the NDA, we worked with TOGG's mobility team throughout the process.

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We have created a comprehensive recommendation file that combines analysis and expert evaluation, evaluating both experience, operability, accessibility, and the brand's consistency of experience between products.


Trumore, a mobility app for TOGG owners, aims to reflect the ecosystem within an app.
In the application, there is a map-based product called "Go.more" that shows stations, facilities and related areas on the road, there is also a blockchain-based NFT marketplace and payment and rewards product called Earn.more within the application. There are avatars specially designed by famous artists for TOGG, called Play.more, and entertaining content that tries to make life easier.

A mobility platform, that unifies the ecosystem.

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