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Talkstar - Meet with experts online, mobile or desktop.

Project scope

Talkstar is a platform where experts in their fields offer instant or reservation online counseling to clients. In Talkstar, questions asked in nearly 20 categories and topics to be consulted are answered by experts whose competence has been audited by the Talkstar Team and accepted to the platform.

We started the project with the "wide-ranging analysis" process, which is perhaps our most important approach in all of our projects at Talkstar. After advancing processes such as the local and global benchmark and stakeholder analysis process, which have become a reflex for us, we conducted online experience research on the sectors that our customers want to provide consultancy services with experts. We realized that you may only want to get advice on street style and fashion and that you would like to wear the clothes and get ideas from the client during the interview.

After a research process focused on data and research, supported by industrial researches, we started the UX & UI process.

The biggest goal that the client brought to us at the beginning of the project was "to enable the client to start a conversation instantly".

When we tested this target during the project development phase, we informed our client that the consultant is not always open for meeting due to availability and preferences. When the client arrives, the client's phone rings like a normal phone and can accept the call instantly. In addition, the client can accept appointments at suitable intervals of the month and week with the reservation system, these can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour meetings.

With these features, we have enabled the client to realize their wishes at the maximum level and to choose the appropriate interview model and form for the consultant at the maximum level.

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We set the user experience as the first criterion while developing every feature and planning every goal, and we did not accept any actions or dreams that are not suitable for the user experience.


In Talkstar, every new user joins the application with a client profile, the consultant in the application can apply for consultancy by passing the onboarding stage. Although the application is designed and developed for both mobile and web, the feature of being a client is only possible with the mobile application for now, since Talkstar is a mobile-oriented product. It was decided at this stage with the joint decision of our customer and our team.

Not just a successful UX, a new and unique user interface feeling.

Using this design system as a guide, the team designed wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for the website's user interface (UI).

Bringing design to life

We have designed the process that starts with the membership of the user and goes through to the client application stage, which is understandable and accessible for everyone. In the accessibility tests we carried out, we passed our accessibility criterion with a score of 8.3 out of 10 (there are many factors affecting this test).

The hover banner that stays fixed in the mobile application, onboarding screens suitable for the visual world we imagine for the application clearly and visually for the client, modern block design structures and a modular usable component structure, the product can be used both in mobile and desktop experience for a long time without losing its visual trend, and is new and original. It was designed to create excitement.

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