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Ridee - Shared minimobility experience in the city

Project scope

Ridee, Turkiye's first shared mini car rental application. Users will be able to rent and drop Ridee from anywhere in the service area.

At Ridee, we started the experience design with the research and analysis process, planning the common experience goal of the digital and physical product. At Ridee, we have completed a product management and consultancy process that focuses on user experience and provides an integral product compatibility, which "combines digital and physical experience", which we are experts in, based on our previous mobility experience. We designed both the cabin experience of the vehicle and the UX-oriented mobile application experience together.

We managed the entire product management, user experience, mobile app design, and car-app interaction for Ridee.

During the project, we acted with the retainer working model, we managed the entire product team, developed the digital application experience after in-depth research, designed the customer experience channels (support center, communication flow, customer experience of the car)
In this process, we offered the following services;

* Product management
* Strategy Consulting
* Brand Identity Design
* Logo Creation
* Mobile Application Design
* Website Design
* User and Market Tests
* Focus Group Studies

Product development[Car&App]+ CX Design + Mobile App Design

We managed the entire process and designed the experience, from the product idea stage to the development process, to the business model, to the process of determining and planning the experience, features and adding them to the product. We've completely changed the urban mobility experience.

That will change the city's transportation habits and a mobile application that is fully compatible with it and a customer experience that can interact directly.

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An experience where the mobile app and car can interact with the user with the right experience.


Ridee is our expertise in urban mobility age.

After UX research, product management plans and comprehensive strategy map studies, we started the brand identity, after determining the design system of Ridee, we moved on to the logo stage, and both a wheel and steering wheel that will give the feeling of mobility, and the spelling of "ridee with two e", that is, mobility. We designed a logo that is compatible with the continuation message, and we chose it from among our 15 logo works.

The Ridee logo was very popular with both the product owner and the early adopters and general users in the survey we conducted. The logo includes both its mobility, Ridee's R and the last letter "e" with its circular structure.

The experience of our team during the mobile application phase, the research we carried out in the preliminary phase and the real user tests we continued to carry out throughout the process, the application experience and the vehicle experience (real user's rental, driving, etc.) were designed together.

Using this design system as a guide, the team designed wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for the website's user interface (UI).

Everything is as the user expects.

We designed an easy, fun and well-functioning experience where the user who wants to reach within the city can take quick action, register quickly, find and rent the vehicle quickly, and end her driving in the fastest and easiest way possible.

240 hours of testing with 12 different urban user segments.

We conducted vehicle and mobile application compatibility, software quality and experience tests for up to 250 hours with 12 different urban user persona segments. If you want to rent a Ridee right now, we're sure you can do it within 5 minutes of signing up, at worst.

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12 months
Project scope
Real Time Tester
Focus Group Segment
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