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Kiraala - User to user hassle free rental experience

Project scope

Kiraala (kiraala mean renting) is a mobile application that provides secure rental service from person to person through a mobile application, where one individual can rent anything you can think of to another individual. Currently working in Turkiye.

When Rental set the goal of being a person-to-person, that is, B2C rental agent, and decided that they wanted to work with a mobile application that would be their main product, they applied to us. We have experienced that the customers who work most efficiently with Blurple always reach us with researcher, curious and prepared, healthy briefs about their main product, their digital products. Kiraala Team is one of our customers who applied to us with a well-prepared brief and got results beyond their expectations.

The main focus of Kiraala is to effortlessly rent a product owned by any individual to another person, to find someone to hire and to establish a relationship of trust. Of course, for a mobile application that has such complex processes and has two main user segments (tenant and product owner) on the other hand, it was necessary to design a user experience that is well-understood, clear in everything, that can give the reaction the user expects in a short time and that has a sense of trust. When we look at the market scale, especially the concept of "renting products from individual to individual" is very new in the Turkish ecosystem, that is, this product (mobile application) that is aimed to be created, on the one hand, should have an experience that can explain this new concept to users and create a habit.

Hassle-free, suitable for all segments, designed according to the market, based on in-depth research, an "ambitious rental specific" user experience.

We started the project by starting in-depth research processes with the brand owner and our customer for Kiraala. The interest and professional experience of the product owner in CX made the efficiency of our processes more efficient, because generally after we map the project in our project processes, it describes the processes in detail and gives information about its content, we implement an educational course, this was not needed for the Kiraala team and it saved time for the project.

After UX Research processes such as in-depth market research, user experience research, and user segments clarification, we clarified what kind of experience methodology and experience feeling we will apply. At this stage, as the blurple team, we made offers to our customers to add new features to the application, not only with the design but also with the product management experience we have in our base, and we included new features that will both facilitate the user's experience and add innovation to the product.

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A market-oriented user experience and a timeless, modern interface design, based on both user and industry research, confirmed by work with the right focus group users.


Accessibility testing at every stage and confirmation of experience with the focus group.

After completing the Wireframe process in the project, we carried out the Wireframe focus test process, which is one of our inner loops, for important screens, especially for the "membership, product rental and product addition, rental product process" screens while still in the wireframe stage, with first click test, and prototype test methods in Europe. In , we conducted tests with user groups of similar rental applications such as Fat Llama. In these tests, we identified points where we could improve the experience before we started the UI phase, and we created a short-term Wireframe fixing phase, which significantly increased the success rate for a product that hasn't even an interface yet.

A clear, comprehensible and assertive rental experience that can be taken quickly, confirmed by rental users.

After moving to the user interface design (UI) stage, we designed a simple but modern interface that allows the user to focus on the action they want to do, in accordance with the brand book and with a feeling that will not prevent the perfection of the experience we created in the Wireframe process.

Easy membership, fast ad creation, easy rental.

We designed a structure where the user can become a member quickly (OTP), onboard quickly and create an ad within 3 minutes, we combined this with our user experience standards, in the same way, users will be able to send a request to rent a product quickly.

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