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BinBin - Comprehensive consulting for leading scooter sharing brand

Project scope

BinBin is one of Turkey's first shared micro-mobility scooter rental applications, and is currently one of the largest micro-mobility companies not only in Turkey but also in Europe (in 2023 it acquired GoSharing and added it to its company)

At BinBin, we provided comprehensive product management services, including the roadmap of both digital and physical product, management of the software team, vision of the brand, collaboration processes, market positioning, support center and development and characterization of the customer experience during the first establishment of the brand (2020-2021). We provided both product management and product marketing services on comprehensive issues and lit the sparks that carried the product from childhood to adulthood and played an active role in the execution of the processes.

Our First Job is Analysis and Planning

When we started working with BinBin, we planned the market, future predictions and reports about the sector, the current technology of the product, and the roadmap for improving technology and customer experience, using our research capabilities, as always our first and perhaps most important job.

We took an active role in and managed the processes that will bring the product from childhood to adulthood, such as developing the product, making product marketing plans, creating a technology roadmap, and building the user and customer experience with a very comprehensive working process.

We always proceeded step by step, internalizing the entire product and the internal organization, we had a scooter product connected with an IoT, this product could be located anywhere on the street, there was also a digital product with our mobile application, of course, we had both technological and technological products to be developed in the mobile application. there was a lot in terms of experience, the customer could start their journey from a mobile application, a digital product, or from anywhere on the street, a physical product, they could have encountered the brand for the first time, or they could have had a bad experience or had a good experience.

At different times, in different places, with different user groups, we tried to understand different segments, did a thorough analysis, worked very closely with the research and development department and marketing, and completely positioned ourselves in the middle of everything, defining the vision, problems and future of the product.

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We touched on every issue that touched the end user, we took an active role in renewing the technology while carrying out a complete CX study, as a result of which we provided comprehensive reports by consulting the board of directors.


We introduced a new experience focused on strategy and growth

At BinBin, we have both added an outside eye by working closely with the software team, R&D, marketing and the board of directors, updating all the experience points of the product, analyzing errors both digitally and on the street, always staying close with users and researching the global industry on the one hand. We internalized all processes and became a part of it.

As a result of all this, a new mobile application, a new support team called "support center" together with us, formerly called the call center (we gave all the trainings to the team), new CRM and management screens, a new operation vision, and marketing advancing with product management. We presented strategies and roadmap.

With the brand freeing us and supporting the value we create, all efforts yielded results in a short time, product experiences improved significantly, market ratings increased, and the rate of satisfied customers was over 200%. All these increased the brand value after a while and growth occurred in every sense.

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