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Beefull - Unique electric vehicle charging experience

Project scope

Beefull is Turkey's electricity network (with Powerbank and EVC service) and one of Turkey's largest Electric Vehicle Charging Station brands. We had a data-driven experience partnership for Beefull for six months, which included the customer-user experience transformation for its mobile app and CRM.

We started the Beefull project process with customer-user and market research. We worked closely with Beefull Product and Marketing and the senior management Team throughout the process, and we developed the project transparently with joint documents through Asana.

In this process, we started the journey through the following research processes;

  • Stakeholder Interview Process
  • User Conversations
  • Early Adopter User Group Creation
  • Field Experience Tests
  • Mystery Shopper Process
  • Value Proposition Map Development
  • Benchmarking
  • Netnography
After a research process focused on data and research, supported by physical field tests, we started the UX & UI process.

First of all, we focused on the points that affect the customer experience that needs to be improved rapidly in Beeful, the focus was on the support center where the customer in the field wanted to connect and get support, we made strategic improvements for this place as well as developed the CRM screens that are much more useful, clear and clear action can be taken. There has been a significant improvement in the quality and duration of support.

With this process, we started the process of developing the new user experience and interface screens of the mobile application simultaneously, we listened to the user complaints in the market on the field and developed solutions..

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We have developed a successful digital product in terms of user experience and accessibility, which produces solutions to the user experience while in the process, and where we test the output quality early by performing A/B tests on the live application. We've improved the experience not just for the app, but for all of the brand's customer-touching channels.


During the Beefull Experience design process, we were fed by two user channels with our own methodology, one of the users who actively use other EVC companies in the market, and the other existing users of Beefull, we developed the mobile application design with the progressive feedback of the users in the Early Adopter group that we created among these users.

We created the futures EVC experience, not today, with the vision of a power grid, the same quality of experience at every point.

Bringing design to life

A We carried out performance measurements with /B and shaped the final output accordingly. With this method, we both improved the metrics by quickly intervening in the experience in the current application, and we also had the opportunity to shape our output correctly and create a successful product by performing a live test within the process for the final output.

The resulting application reflects the "energy network, user-friendly station and application experience" that no rival brand in the industry has yet, scored A, A+ in the accessibility tests we carried out, and is able to respond to the demands of every user group in terms of accessibility, We have realized an experience that has the innovations that will take place in the market today.

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