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End-to-end special custom brand identity and UX-UI Design

Project scope

Avva Mobile is a software development company that offers leading software solutions (mobile application, web development, CRM, ERP, enterprise solutions) in Turkey and Europe. For Avva Mobile, we created comprehensive physical and digital assets such as corporate identity design, logo design, website design, user experience and user interface design.

Clear, modern and transparent brand line

Avva Mobile was a brand established in 2005 that carried out software developments in many areas, it needed a corporate identity update and a new website connected with its new visual world. We started the journey for Avva Mobile by determining its visual world, then we designed its visual world and logo, inspired by the <> characters, which are the most used symbols in the software on the keyboard.

Modern and brand-friendly brand identity and website user experience and interface design.

Avva Mobile demanded a completely new brand identity, a new user experience.
Avva Mobile is a software company that offers a wide range of software services from mobile application development to comprehensive CRM projects, we have reflected the comprehensive services it offers to its customers with screen designs that will offer special experiences for these services.

The most prominent of these were the screens we designed for Cloud services, and the screens we specially designed for IoT and micro-mobility services.

We had a very modern, animation-supported and high-accessibility user experience process, which is "primarily focused on desktop users".We had a very modern, animation-supported and high-accessibility user experience process, which is "primarily focused on desktop users".

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A project process that starts with brand identity design, continues with logo creation and finalizes with a very comprehensive website experience focused on user experience.


''We were inspired by internet and coding''

Of course, we start the process with a research and philosophical approach in project processes such as Avva Mobile that will cover all the digital and physical needs of the brand.

We analyze and know the brand, the brand's customers and target point very well, besides, we collect the brand's stance, services and the brand perception that the board of directors wants to reflect.

At Avva Mobile, the whole topic was about coding and digital projects, the internet world, so we started off from the "<>" characters that are used frequently in the coding world as the brand's logo, these characters are opened (<) while writing any code snippet and closed when the code snippet is completed. (>) characters, which means the encoding starts with Avva Mobile and ends with Avva Mobile.

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A custom-designed, user-experience and research-based brand identity and web user experience design process from start to finish.

After creating the brand identity from start to finish, we moved on to the web design stage, aiming for a magical and modern approach to web design that will make you feel the depth of the internet world. With this goal, we created a website experience, supported by animations with floating streams, and with pages designed for each service separately and specifically for these services, the user target was 60% desktop and 40% mobile oriented, this data was provided by hotjar and analytics resources.

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