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Arsavev - Land sale projects in one place, one experience.

Project scope

Arsavev is the roof brand of one of Turkey's largest real estate brands, which has 9 land sales projects and 1 holiday home project. When Arsavev applied to us, he came to us with a request for an impressive, easy-to-use and user-friendly project where real estate professionals could introduce the projects to his clients.

Of course, we started the project process with the research and analysis phase, and after we fully understood the feeling that the brand wanted to reflect, we deepened the right analysis on the purpose of use of the product (website), how it is used. At this stage, we realized that real estate agents introduce projects to their client portfolios on a large screen, this At this point, technical details such as the project's screen target, screen size and the flow practice of the pages became clear. In the continuation of the process, after we clarified the customer segmentation targeted by the projects, we started the user experience design (UX) process.

With the right research, we understood that the use of the project was large screens, and we designed the page flow dynamics and UX accordingly.

We started the process by designing the welcome screen, and we directed two main projects (Land projects and Bodrum Holiday Houses) from the same login screen, since there are two different target segments, it was more correct to proceed like this. After this stage, users are faced with two different screen experiences with similar UXCore for two different projects they choose from the screen.

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We have designed a project user experience that can meet two different projects and two different segments. In addition to an experience that continues as you scroll, we designed a hover menu that will guide the user by constantly sticky. It is modern, natural and UX-oriented in every sense.


Plot Screens Experience

For the land screens, we created a welcome component that explains the project philosophy and offerings before the plot projects, followed by an experience that remains fixed in the background and can be scrolled to the end of the site (to the footer). As users scroll, they continue with a "natural, sustainable and modern" feeling that the land projects aim to reflect. As the scroll continues, we have designed a structure where you can see all the projects collectively and go to the page of the project you want with one click.

If the user continues to scroll after this stage, they are faced with a modern, full-screen modern experience that is parallaxed upwards, where they can see the projects one by one and go to the project detail page if they wish.

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A page flow that is large, spacious and suitable for the screen size presentation style we aim for, where we use the entire screen.

Bodrum Holiday Homes Screen Experience

Bodrum holiday homes are a luxury holiday project in Bodrum, one of the most touristic regions of Turkey, where you can get the right to a holiday home in certain periods of your life with a one-time payment.

Bodrum Holiday Homes screen was designed with a single screen as a landing page. On this landing page, we have used a design language that will create a fresh and natural feeling covering the entire screen that we have built on the Land projects screens.

We have created a structure where the user can see the features of the rogen as he scrolls, and can explore in 3D if he wants, and we have also respected the user's tendency to visit a different page on the scrolled page with a menu with a sticky radius structure standing above and where the user can reach the details they are curious about.

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