Product Design

Arabanagelsin - Order and pick up on the road, from diverse marketplace.

Project scope

Arabanagelsin enables you to receive your orders from the restaurants on this route on the mobile application on the way from point A to point B or even to point C without stopping on the road, saves you time, turns the negative impact on home delivery cost and sustainability into a positive one. a pick-up culture, moreover, is presented to users for the first time with a mobile application product.

Arabanagelsin mobile application A very large marketplace where you can place orders from restaurants to local tradesmen, pharmacies and even markets, for a mobile application with such a wide store group and different user segments, it was necessary to enter a comprehensive market and product research process, its processes were focused on focus groups and UX-oriented. By confirming with tests, the targeted success in terms of user experience was achieved.

Very wide marketplace application with users in different segments, breaking new ground in terms of pick-up service in Turkiye.

After advancing the processes in cooperation with the product owners in the Arabanagelsin experience design project, in which we acted with more than 8 research methods, we started to clarify the screen structures with Low Fidelty Wireframe, the first stage of UX Design.

Emerging on a broad target. We tested Wireframes with early-stage focus groups as part of our methodology, and we've come to the final Wireframe design phase with more successful Wireframe variations to emerge.

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It is a very dynamic, user-oriented marketplace application that appeals to a wide segment from restaurants to florists, from pharmacies to markets, has the structure of placing orders with a mobile application and receiving over the road, and aims to spread the pick-up culture in Turkey.


A simple, experience-oriented, hassle-free mobile application experience.

After the UX design phase was completed, we planned an interface design that would not prevent the experience, but strengthen the structure of the experience, by referring to the brand's existing brandbook. We have implemented an interface design process that will give a smooth transition feeling, a feeling of naturalness and of course match the user segment we are targeting.

We tested the UX-UI outputs with focus groups in the target segment with user testing at every stage.

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