Ridee - Shared Urban Minimobility

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Scope Of Work

Ridee is a minute car rental application with a two-person micro and 100% electric vehicle, rent from anywhere in the city, drop-off wherever you want, pay as you go!

Product development[Car&App]+ CX Design + Mobile App Design

We managed the entire process and designed the experience, from the product idea stage to the development process, to the business model, to the process of determining and planning the experience, features and adding them to the product. We've completely changed the urban mobility experience.

"We planned, developed and designed the product from the point of origin, both as a vehicle experience and a mobile application experience."
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Gallery 01 photo.Gallery 01 photo.

Everything is as the user expects.

We designed an easy, fun and well-functioning experience where the user who wants to reach within the city can take quick action, register quickly, find and rent the vehicle quickly, and end her driving in the fastest and easiest way possible.

240 hours of testing with 12 different urban user segments.

We conducted vehicle and mobile application compatibility, software quality and experience tests for up to 250 hours with 12 different urban user persona segments. If you want to rent a Ridee right now, we're sure you can do it within 5 minutes of signing up, at worst.

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Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.

Conclusion & Results


Time real field test.


Urban segment user group


Different App Pages


User Accessibility Rate

We designed an experience that will change the dynamics of urban transportation.

We have created a unique experience flow that is fully compatible with the IoT, offers the easiest and most sustainable experience from the beginning to the end in the mobile application, and offers a product experience suitable for the environment in the vehicle.

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