Kiraala Mobile Application - User-to-user rental platform

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Scope Of Work

Rent all the products you need from other users in your immediate vicinity!
List the products you don't use, earn money by renting!

Online product renting marketplace in one application

The Kiraala mobile application (Kiraala means renting in Turkish) allows you to rent your desired product to another user in the marketplace and to rent another user's product online for a certain period of time. It is a unique model applied in this sense in Turkey.

"We designed a mobile application experience suitable for every user segment, where you can be both a tenant and a renter, and every product you can think of can be rented in one application."
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Gallery 01 photo.Gallery 01 photo.

User research + Rental Industry Research + Prototype Testing (W/Focus Group)

User experience research was the most important step for us to understand both the lessor and the tenant audience.
Starting with the Internal Stakeholder process, we continued with user interviews, field research, Benchmarking and Netnography, and then ended the process with user flow and UX report. Then we hand-off the internal UI team.

Easy membership, fast ad creation, easy rental.

We designed a structure where the user can become a member quickly (OTP), onboard quickly and create an ad within 3 minutes, we combined this with our user experience standards, in the same way, users will be able to send a request to rent a product quickly.

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Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.

Conclusion & Results


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We created extensive user experience research and a 90-page mobile app experience in 6 months!

We have created a rental marketplace that will appeal to a wide range of users, we have created an experience suitable for all ages starting from the registration stage, safety, speed and visibility are at the forefront.