Doctic - Health Tourism for Patients and Doctors

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Scope Of Work

Doctic is a health tourism mobile application that brings together doctors with patients who need treatment abroad and provides instant offers.

Patients can ask questions to doctors, chat with doctors.

Through Doctic, patients can receive treatment offers from thousands of doctors in related fields, meet with doctors online and schedule interviews.

"Doctic brings thousands of patients from all over the world together with specialist doctors, allows them to direct their questions to doctors and get offers from doctors about their treatment.."
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Gallery 01 photo.Gallery 01 photo.

Two separate mobile app experiences for doctors and patients!

The interface experience required by doctors and patients was different from each other, we decided to design two different mobile applications and two different experiences by analyzing the needs of patients and the demands of doctors.

No hassle interface for everyone, accessible for everyone!

Doctic who need treatment that people of all age groups can use it in 5 different countries in eastern Europe for 30 persons in the age range of 18-65 we worked for a month with one focus group, the patients who can guide you in the first 2 seconds doctic interfaces the demands of a dynamic designed in doctic registering to a patient, and if the demand for treatment is sure to create an offer that can send thousands of physicians in the first 3 minutes if you can, a first in the digital experience medical tourism in the world!

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Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.

Conclusion & Results


Focus Group in 5 Eastern Europe Country


Different Mobile Application Page


Accessibility Rate

The Whole Approach; Logo + Mobile Applications + Visual World

We designed the Doctic and Doctic Pro mobile applications with the whole experience in mind, we carried out a combined study on logo and corporate identity design, mobile application design and visual world determination.

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