Bağla Mobile Application - Brings together experts and clients.

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Scope Of Work

Bağla mobile application is a consultation application that brings together experts from all over the world (Software, law, health, tourism, music etc.) with clients and offers online conversations with minute slots.

A common interface for experts and clients, the most accurate experience for everyone.

The mobile application offers both an interface that experts will use and a common interface where clients can find and talk to experts, we have carried out a user experience-oriented mobile application research and design process that will appeal to the young age segment while appealing to people with a wide age group of experts in the field.

"We should have asked both people who want to learn about something how they want to get the information and how they want to share their information, we put these two together in one application and created their own world for everyone."
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Gallery 01 photo.Gallery 01 photo.

Comprehensive user research specific to two segments.

We conducted a Focus Group survey for 20 days in 5 different Eastern European countries for two user groups, this group consisted of Clients and Experts. As a result of this group, we learned the basic needs of users and designed a digital style based on these needs. After the wireframe stage, we went back to this group with the prototype we revealed and applied the 5 second test, we achieved a successful result of 85%.

60 different app pages, focus group in 5 different countries.

We completed the project including the research processes in a period of 5 months and gave hand-off to the software team. As a result of the project, 60 different user interface pages appeared.

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Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.

Conclusion & Results


Mobile App Pages


5 second test success


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Qualified research, quality user experience and creative interface design!

We evaluate the experience completely, Bağla is a completely digital product, but it touches people's lives and contributes to information sharing, our UX team carried out a successful user research and wireframe process and gave hand-off to the UI team after extensive research on the bağla audience, our UI team put a point with an original and creative interface design.